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Positive versus negative?

I love this reminder… if I don’t hold both the difficult times and the better moments with an equal respect, reminding myself that they both have value and ultimately help shape who I am, how authentically can I live?

What core emotions am I denying if I don’t lean into and accept (or even welcome) sadness, anger or fear - emotions often viewed as less ‘positive’? And how can my true, unadulterated joy emerge without acceptance of these valid and essential emotions?

‘Look on the bright side’ perhaps only serves to pack away what we truly feel, and delays our working through something that has importance, and has fundamentally and unavoidably changed us in some way. Who are we looking on the bright side for? Perhaps to makes others feel more comfortable?

I’ve found acceptance theory to be so powerful personally.

Is there anything in your life that you could accept, and lean into, however uncomfortable and ‘negative’, and therefore release yourself from any unnecessary pressure to present in a certain way?

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