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Are you 'good enough'? Posted by the Curious Counsellor

Hitting the ground running as a newly qualified counsellor has already provided plenty of moments for reflection.

The over whelming desire to attempt to present as if I have been practicing for years, to create what I considered a 'more attractive' proposition to future clients, has been a continuing internal struggle.

And (not but!) this has offered me the opportunity to re-engage with my natural style - and see usefulness in my customary honest and real approach. If I am pretending to be anyone other than my authentic self, how can I hope that my clients present any differently? This relational work requires congruence, and that can only be fully achieved with a sense that I am turning up as me, and my clients are, in turn, feeling comfortable to be themselves.

Rather than slipping into not feeling good enough, I chose to be enough.

I know I can meet a client where they are, without judgement or pretence that I am an expert on them. I know this is possible because of who I am, not how long I have practised. I can sit with sadness, or anger, or fear or indeed joy. We can reach out to theory when it makes sense, rather than having that lead us. I can continue to learn and enrich my understanding of human nature, in order to grow. I can offer a space where clients can connect with their own authentic selves.

I chose to be good enough. I hope you do too.

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