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Be your own best friend...

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I love this journey.

And I love much about the time we live in.

Inspiration is available in so many forms, and feels much more accessible than I've noticed before. And when we're open to new ways of thinking, that may perhaps serve us better, the possibilities feel infinite.

In the last few months, one of the many ideas I've come across is dampening.

We talk often about the prevalence of negative thinking contributing to our low mood, but not so much about the effect of our denial of the positive stuff in our lives.

'This good feeling won't last'

'I did a good piece of work, but I didn't complete it as fast as I should have'

This suppression of our positive emotions removes any joy we might feel to counter balance any negativity we will inevitably experience in other areas of our life. So we end up feeling the scales are tipped irretrievably towards the difficulties we encounter. The positive stuff is there, we just diminish it with how we talk to ourselves.

But why do we do this? Perhaps as an act of protection? If we anticipate and 'get there first' in saying to ourselves that everything is negative, does it protect us from disappointment and keep us safe?

Even if this makes our outcome feel gloomy, it's what we know, so it's familiar and offers a sense of security?

But what if we gently challenged some of these ways we've learned to speak to ourselves, and chose to strengthen our positives, instead of dampening them? How might that look, day to day, moment to moment?

What if we decided to be our own best friend and champion?

I love the possibility.

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