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If you never say no, what is your yes worth?

This time of year can leave us feeling exhausted. The festive break has a reputation for making all sorts of demands on people, with a sense that if we don't respond to these pressures in an anticipated way, we are perhaps not doing as we should or could.

And often the New Year can suddenly loom with an ever present ideal that we might know what we want to achieve from the year ahead, or that we should be putting into place new and ambitious intentions.

For some, perhaps the worst time to feel this pressure - when already exhausted from the 'break'.

Expectations and hopes from family, friends, work, life and often, ourselves, can place unnecessary strain on us, and can lead to burnout.

But effective boundary setting, and a knowledge and acceptance of our limitations can help avoid this, and offer us a reminder that we are humans, not machines.

And so, this is an invitation to define your priorities, and practice communicating them to those around you. Perhaps create small adjustments that help reduce your stress - if a request feels like it takes up too much of your energy, question why you are doing it, and who is truly benefiting.

Be prepared to flex and adjust your boundaries if needed - be clear on what you are gaining - this may change over time and the boundary may not be either necessary or useful to you anymore.

Listen to your body and what it is telling you it needs. If you notice discomfort, listen. It is this that is your information and should be your guide.

If we say yes less often, but truly mean it when we do say it, my sense is everyone benefits.

Can you say no?

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