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Loss or Gloss? The Curious Counsellor...

During some training yesterday, at a local hospice where I work, a colleague confided that for years they had only recognised loss in the form of death. It made me wonder what loss means to us all, and how differing our response and empathy may be to each other, based on that interpretation.

I was asked to produce a 'Loss Line' - a piece of work that recognised significant losses during my life.

What began as an classroom exercise soon became an emotional journey, and not for the most obvious of reasons.

Beyond the losses that I have recognised for many years - namely the special people in my life - I began to see other areas where I had perhaps glossed over the difficult feelings that surrounded them. Friendships that had been so intense and vital at one point, that had drifted away. Homes that had meant so much, and held so many precious memories, left behind as I moved forward to a new beginning. My children no longer wanting to hold my hand when we are out - I still reach out now, automatically.

These losses, and many, many more, are valid and deserve our time and attention. By leaning in to the feelings, reparation becomes possible, and some acceptance can offer us a deeper sense of peace.

Do you recognise your loss, in all its guises?

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